The Band



Keyboards, Vocals

Email Kevin Waterman at reverendbatboy@hotmail.com
AIM Screename: Reverend Bat Boy

Full Name: Kevin Michael Waterman
Birthday: June 4, 1987
Location Now: Queenstown, MD
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown
Height: 5' 10"
Influences: Children of Bodom, Iron Maiden, GWAR,  Janne Warman, Tuomos Holopainen, the Misfits, Slayer, Glam Metal
Favorite Evel Nad Song: Death on Delivery
Favorite Iron Maiden Song: The Trooper
Equipment: Yamaha PSR-150 Keyboard, Yamaha SHS-200 Keytar
Current Bands: Evel Nad, Haberdasher, Dark Harvest, drum tech for David in Large Mouth BassTards
Former Bands: None


Vocals, Lead Guitar

Email David Gregory at dg2112rhoads@hotmail.com

Full Name: David Weston Gregory Jr.
Birthday: June 13, 1984
Location Now: Baltimore MD
Hair:Brown, Blue?
Influences:Randy Rhoads,Creepshow, Skid Row, Alexi Laiho, Deep Purple, Maiden, Mojo Nixon, Gwar, Slayer, Venom 
Favorite Evel Nad Song: Wankers Inc.
Favorite Iron Maiden Song: Aces High
Equipment: Gibson Explorer, Fender 70's Strat, Blackbeard Strat
 Crate Amps, Magnatone Cabs, Boss & Morley Effects, Plante Waves Cables.
Current Bands:  Evel Nad, Dust Numeral, The Large Mouth Basstards(drums), Dark Harvest
Former Bands:Estranged, Expungo, Myrhh, Naked Chicken, Scott Brunt Project


Jon Prozzi

Location: Pittsburgh, Baltimore
Equipment:Pearl Masters Drums, Various Sabian, Zildian, Bosphorus, Wuhan, cymbals. Iron Cobra double pedal.

............Evel Nad and the Fetal Pigs.........................................