St. Valentine's Day Massacre

St. Valentine's Day Massacre
Candle lit dinner, an arrow in the back
Cupid's fucked up, been smoking too much crack
Mincing sickly petophile
Box of chocolates and a smile
At the doorstep of the nursery school
Would make polanski drool
Candy hearts, A dozen roses
The elderly giving bloody noses
St. Valentines Day Massacre
Peg legs dancing with yoga students
St. Valentines Day Massacre
Cupid makes em all look stupid
Masochists chained to a bed
with visions of bullwhips in it's head
Preacher drolling whip in hand
You like pain? He's the man
Dont give me a dozen roses
Ill throw it back
Cupid thinks its funny
When your bitch gets slapped
Bo Peep didnt know she was breaking the law
She liked it furry, she liked it raw
She like the wool more than you
hey! good girls have to get off too

St. Valentines Day Massacre
Cupid thinks its awfully odd
St. Valentines Day Massacre
A bloody corpse with a vibrating rod

............Evel Nad and the Fetal Pigs.........................................