Evel Nad and the Fetal Pigs is the creation of Kevin Waterman and David Gregory. David Gregory had played in other metal bands(Estranged,Expungo..etc) around the eastern shore before teaming up with Kevin. The band came to fruition in the winter on 2002/2003 in the arctic expanse of the Eastern Shore, although it is only cold in the winter. Evel Nad recorded the single 'Satan Clause Is Coming to Town' in the winter of 2003 in Queenstown Md. For the most part of the year Evel Nad kept busy writing material and demoing. Choosing to use a 'revolving door' ethos in band members the core remains Kevin and David opting to use whoever is available at the moment to fill in the spaces. In November of 2003 the band released 'Holidays in Hell', a collection of their more tongue in cheek holiday-themed pieces. For now they continue to write and record new material for a release due out spring/summer 2004.

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