Recording Diary

Satan Clause Single Recording Session

Friday: Full day off. Woke up to find snow everywhere. That was pretty cool, since we were recording Satan Clause. I was woken up by Kevin at about 9:00. Damn thats early.
Drums:Anyway-We got the drums recorded pretty quickly. Getting a decent sound took the longest. A few takes and we were done and then the bass guitar. I did the bass just to get it all done quickly. 
Guitars: We did the guitars next. Had a decent guitar tone of the bat so that was easy. We just layed down the rythym guitars with some of the lead stuff thrown in there. No solos yet. Moving mics around and stuff.
Keyboards: We had to do some rewriting and then Kevin went and did his stuff. One or two takes and that was it.
-Took a break around 3 or so to get some lunch. Plus I had been feelin shitty so my throat was actin wonky and I had to do the singing later so.......
Lots of Vitamin C
Lead Stuff: I went back and did the lead guitar stuff, fills and stuff and then the solo. Prolly took like one or two takes. I cant remember. I had some stuff planned out, how I wanted to do it and all. Then Kevin came and did his keyboard solo pretty quickly. Happy with the way that one turned out.
Vocals: We tried some diffferent things with this stuff. We still may change stuff around later with mixing and backing vocals and crap. I did the lead vocals and that took a little while. Not too long, but I hadnt been feeling too good. So the throat wasnt too forgiving when I started this stuff. Called a few of Matt's friends down, who were upstairs, to pitch in on the chorus. We like that big choir sound. Lots of whoas. Sounds cool. I geuss it does. Maybe we'll change some stuff around later. But it sounds good for now. Lots of spit in faces. Dont crowd around a microphone and yell. Shit. Gotta try something different next time.
Got to do mixing next.

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