Interview with David

 So David, what can you tell me about the bands your in right now?
David- At the moment I am in Evel Nad, playing guitar and doing vocals, we are in the midst of recording and stuff like that. I am still in Expungo, (I guess thats the name, it changes) playing guitar, we are working on getting our stuff together, talks about recording, booking gigs, and whatnot, very busy. I am also supposedly playing drums in a cover band with some friends of mine.
 Cool, whats that band going to be called?
David-I think they are calling it Uncle Fester and the Heebie Jeebies.
Ahh, I've heard some talk about them, are you planning on doing any gigs in the near future with any of the plethora of bands your in right now.
David- Well, Expungo is in talks with a lot of different places and bands, talking about doing some gigs with other friends of ours, like Last Act(Anthony's other band). Playing in the end of March at Matt's school. After that we have a few festival type things that we are trying to line up for the summer. I would like to try to get Evel Nad out there too, that band is fun.
I would have to agree, based off what lyrics I've seen on your website. Can you tell me anything about the upcoming Evel Nad album and single?
David-Satan Clause will be out in about a week, sounds good, we are releasing that with a cover of Wasp's Animal. The album will be out probably by the end of the month. I'm really happy with how the songs have turned out. We still are not sure what the album will be called though......
 Do you have a favorite among the songs on the album?
David-I really like Wanker's Inc., its a really rockin' heavy song, and it has some tempo changes, nothing too drastic though, and I am kinda happy with the lyrics too, that is always good.
After reading the lyrics that one really stood out to me as well. It semed to almost be writen about someone in particular. Did you have someone in mind when you were writing the lyrics, or were you in any kind of specific mindset?
David-Ahh....just some types of people I guess.  Kinda in a pissed of frame of mind.
 I think I know what you mean, the types of people who cn't play good music, they just get tons of fans beacause they play what the mob wants to hear.
David-Well I dont want to single any one out, wouldn't be fair, but that has something to do with it. Pop music.
Quite, quite. Who else is in Evel Nad right now?

David-Well, Kevin Kiley, a friend of ours, who I have played with in the past, is playing drums, My younger brother Matt, is playing bass, and Kevin Waterman is playing Keyboards and doing some vocals. He and I wrote the majority of the album.
 Has the rather inclement weather of late played a part in affecting your ability work of late?
David- Sort of, damn weather. I like it though
Can't live with it, can't live without it, eh. Apart from the bands you've got right now, what other plans and aspirations do you have for the future?
 David-I guess.....I dunno....I'm in school right now, so that limits things a bit, just playing live.
Moving away from the present, could you tell me a little bit about who inspired you to play the music that you do?
David- I picked up the guitar when I was younger inm fifth grade, back then it was Offspring and that stuff, that was going on a the time. Then I got into Ozzy,and I really was influenced by Randy Rhoads' playing, still is one of my major influences. Iron Maiden was a huge influence on me, Skid Row, Manowar, Helloween, of course I loved Guns n' Roses, Pretty wide range of stuff though, punk music as well, like the Vandals, and Bad Religion. Its hard to single stuff out. Early on I really liked(and still do) Rockabilly stuff like Mojo Nixon, Junior Brown.Too much music. Creepshow is a very good band from this area, not together anymore, but I really loved their stuff, power metal type music.
 Well, I can se how you came to be where you are today, and I forsee you going far. Thanks for the interview, give me a call when your stuff comes out.

Having had an opporyuntiy to speak with the up and coming local artist David Gregory who I had heard about from both friends and in articles in local newspapers I determined to speak with him to find out just what he's doing now and how he came to be where he is...

............Evel Nad and the Fetal Pigs.........................................