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This is all just past news stuff.


-I actually went down to the studio today, and everything seemed to be in working order, except for the usual mess of equipment from other bands. But, when I went to get on the Mac to check out the demos we had been working on for the album, the recording software(Digital Performer) would not open. Bad. So we are trying to figure out what went wrong there. Luckily I have all of the audio versions of the demos(without the vocals on them though). Just a minor setback in the long process of making an Evel Nad album. This will get figured out soon, and then we'll be off and recording. Thanks for stopping by.
-All of the songs have been written for "Death On Delivery". We are just trying to figure out when to start the recordings. There have been a lot of extra songs written as well, which we have decided to save for later, so that there wont be too long of a break between this and the next album, because we are all involved in so many other musical projects. Look for "Death on Delivery" in the early part of this winter. In the meantime we will have the usual seasonal cuts coming out again this year. Expect some revamped versions of the original songs, possibly released as a single, or an ep, with a cover song or two. Whatever the decision, stay tuned so that you are the first to know!
-Hey everyone I know it's been a long time since there were any updates to the website in a long time, but rest assured that David and I haven't been totally idle. We've been coming up with even more songs for Evel Nad, the two most promising ones right now having the working titles "Norway or the Highway" and "The United States of Fuck". In addition to that we've been busy with other bands such as the Large Mouth Basstards, and a new band David and I started with Max Flynn, singer from the LMB's called Dark Harvest. We mostly do comedic, acoustic covers of a wide variety of songs, be sure to check us out at the website. Well thats all we've got for you at the moment, be sure to check out everything on the site, sign the gustbook, all that good stuff.
-I just got back from the studio a few minutes ago and Jon and I finished up three more songs on drums(Wanker's Inc., Death on Delivery, Sick Like a Dog). Earlier today I finished up the  rythym and lead guitars for Satan Clause, and two others. The recordings are coming along pretty smoothly. We plan on finishing up two or three more songs on drums and then proceeding with the rest of the instruments! Here is a picture of me and Biskatch loitering last weekend:
-Check out http://darkcircus.com . They are releasing their album 'watched' on the 24th (tuesday). Dark Circus are an Annapolis/Eastern Shore area band made up of former members of Power/Thrash metal band Creepshow. One of my favorites, and main influences. heres the new album, get yourself a copy!!!!
-STUDIO NEWS: Just for the hell of it I am going to put up the tracklisting for the new album that we are working on,"Death On Delivery", but like everything this will probably change:
1. Death on Delivery
2. False Teeth and Spiked Candy
3. Wanker's Inc.
4. Satan Clause is Coming to Town
5. Dont Like 'U'
6. Killin' the Easter Bunny
7. Sick Like a Dog
8. St. Valentine's Day Massacre
So all of this should be finished in the next few months. Make this site one of you regular 'interweb' stops so that you can keep up with all the good news that is coming up! More merchandise to come as well!
-STUDIO NEWS:Last Night Jon and David, along with David Philips began recording drums for the upcoming album which is tentativly titled "Death on Delivery." Drums should be finished in the next week or so.
-The Evel Nad store is up and running. There are a few items available now: CDs, shirts and other clothing. Buy cool stuff!Evel Nad Store
01/21-There are now Four Audio files of old demos in the Media Section!
      -STUDIO NEWS-David and Jon are going to begin tracking drums in the next few weeks for an upcoming Evel Nad album. No word on when the product will be finished but the studio will be up in Baltimore. So drums first, check back here for more news! Also make sure to check out Air Guitar Alchemy on wednesday nights, WLOY 1620 AM, or to get a better streaming audio link(very good quality) just click the mega-huge link at the bottom of the page!
-You can also  still pick up a copy of the original Evel Nad demos!
      -There is a new wallpaper up in the media section!
       There is also somewhat of a mini-history, considering that Evel Nad has not been around all that long.
      -I finally got around to putting a guestbook up on the website so make sure you sign it. You can find it in the media section. The Holidays In Hell EP is also still available, so if you didn't get what you really wanted for Christmas come talk to us because we all know that's what you really wanted to get.
      -Well, Air Guitar Alchemy has had a great run for the semester, but it is off the air until the first week of January. Thanks to everyone who has listened! Response has been excellent, so look forward to much metal next month on the airwaves, as well as many more interviews!
      -As for Evel Nad. The holiday cd is still up for grabs. Ask for one!!! It is FREE, and it rules.
----From everyone at Evel Nad and Air Guitar Alchemy, "Happy Holidays! and we will see you all in January!
     Ask us for a copy of "Holidays in Hell." You could call it a bit of an "Evel Nad and the Fetal Pigs Christmas Special." Its free, no reason to pay for it. It sounds cool and includes some of the Holiday themed songs. So do ask for a copy, and your holiday season will never be the same!
    Due to lack of communication at WLOY the show has yet to air. It has been taped for a while, so some of the updates..are not exactly....updated..Anyway, the show will air shortly and start going on live. Check back here for updates on when the show will begin airing.
   AIR GUITAR ALCHEMY  Wednesday Nights 8-10 on WLOY 1620 or on the bigass link to the right of this. Make sure to tune in! The show definatly rules! This week: First Show 10/15 lots of show updates, news and Skull Fucking Metal!
  Jon Prozzi, former Berklee College of Music student, has signed on to play drums with Evel Nad. Check back here for any new developments, as well as details for David and Jon's weekly metal radio show on WLOY. A link will be up here when it is given so that everyone will be able to tune in online! The show will feature, metal music from all genres, the latest news in the metal world, concert and album reviews, concert updates, and interviews! Definatly keep checking back here for more news.
   Shit. So nothing happened over summer. Everything gets fucked up with work and there is no time to do anything. We are trying to get everything in order to possibly work on recording these songs soon. Who knows? I said that four months ago. But just keep stopping by this site and I will put up some cool stuff, and let you know when everything gets straight.
   Links section updated
  Alrighty, I'm gonna be done with school on Friday the 2nd of May, so....we will start recording the album the next week. It will include a new version of Satan Clause is Coming to Town and will also include a yet to be decided cover tune somewhere at the end. Stay tuned for some updates about this stuff. And as always.....Skull Fucking Metal  !
-Trying to finish the album recording but David is going to be busy in the next few weeks with Expungo.
-Part of recording diary is up
-Blue Blood has been renamed the Rise of an Evel Empire and that's probably also going to be the name of the album, which we hope to finish recording in a few weeks.
-Writing is finished for the album, recording starts next week.
-Well, Damn. Due to the inclemet weather the vocals and keyboard were not able to be finished this weekend. This should not, however, affect the release date of the Satan Clause single.
-So much news. Evel Nad are going to release their first single "Satan Clause is Coming to Town." A cover song will also be included as well. This is to precede the upcoming album, which is still untitled, and the release date for that is still up in the air as well. Look for the single out in the next few weeks. And it will be free, as Evel Nad is in no way trying to make money right now!??? Anyway, it only has two songs, why would you pay for it. Stay Tuned, Skull Fuckin' Metal!
Look for the link to Forum Freaks in the links section. Sign up for it and come on over to the forum. You can look for us in the Music section most likely(duh). Help spread the word!
Writing for the yet-to-be-titled album is just about finished. Next up the band will start the recording stuff.
Some minor site updates, such as pictures and lyrics and what not. We'll keep you posted if anything interesting happens.
Began work on website today. Apart from that we've got one song recorded so far, Satan Claus is Coming to Town. I've also got the lyrics to a few other songs written too. Hopefully we'll be able to start recording again once David gets back from college, if he isn't too busy with his main band, Expungo. As to updates on the site, my internet connection at home is quite slow so i probably won't be able to update it real often.

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